Manteq Insurance Core

Aiming to complete the revenue cycle and expand our services and solutions to the insurance providers we have set to design and develop a core insurance suite that streamlines and reduces the time needed to maintain and manage policies, claims, financials, and reports, all in one flexible and user­-friendly solution.

About the Platform

Our new platform will allow you to Create, test, and launch standard and nonstandard products quickly with its equipped product builder and, an array of easily configured—and reusable—product components. and strengthen your underwriting ability and accuracy across your operations, with a host of out-of-the-box capabilities that enable you to eliminate costly manual tasks, ensure compliance, improve risk-to-exposure pricing, and empower your underwriters.

The core suite also comes bundled with an authorization and Claim processing module that is designed to streamline and automate your processes and gives your team the power and agility to enhance the payment management, and improve fraud detection

Platform Modules:

  • Product Management
  • Underwriting and Rating Engine
  • Policy Operations and Billing
  • Network and Provider Management
  • Authorization Claims, and Reinsurance

For more details on features and functions of the upcoming platform contact us today, and follow us on our social channels to stay updated on our latest updates and news