Advanced E-Prescription System

Manteq eRx

Electronic Prescription Platform

Easily find drug information and create prescriptions quickly and efficiently.

it’s never been easier to write, authorize, track, and send secure electronic prescriptions. with a built‑in clinical decision support for the entire drug library, we offer the perfect environment to quickly and intuitively create electronic prescriptions. 

Features & Benefits

Advanced, time-saving features help you keep your pharmacy running efficiently, maintain compliance, document effectively, and give your customers the best service possible. 

Clinical Alerts

The platform is designed to make prescribing safer for the patient and more efficient for you, including drug-drug interaction checks, dosing, and duplicate alerts, and provider-specific drug favorites functionality.

Authorization and Approvals

You can easily Initiate, submit, and complete prior approvals electronically, and respond to prior authorization rejections in real-time from within your e-prescribing workflow, and clearly see the expected patient share.

Prescription Drug Benefit Check

Access information on alternative drug therapies to consider based on the drug formulary and ingredient, and receive guidance on alternative pharmaceutical options.

Reports and Analysis

Easily Monitor the cycle and the efficiency of your workflow by accessing a list of detailed from daily prescription reports, to approvals and insurance related analytics , as well as collections and billing reports.

Easily Integratable

The platform is designed to be easily and seamlessly integrated with 3rd party systems and clinical workflows. From Clinical and Pharmacy management systems, to Point of sales and ordering platforms, thanks to its ability to use and consume wide variety of industry standards in the process such HL7, web services, and others.