Clemittance Cloud RCM

Clemittance Cloud RCM

Cloud-Based End-to-End Revenue Cycle Management System

Clemitance Cloud RCM aims to simplify and replace resource-intensive medical billing processes with digital solutions that reduce manual processes and optimize the operational workflow.

Features & Benefits

Clemittance Cloud RCM is fully compliant and up to date with the local regulators and is packed with features and integrated components that cover and enhance all segments of the revenue cycle management workflow.

Cloud-Based Solution

Quickly on-board your medical facility to our pre-built secure environment eliminating the common setup delays from lengthy traditional software deployments and removes the overhead and complexity of managing a stable and secure IT infrastructure on your own.

Claim Processing

Using Clemittance Cloud RCM users will be able to easily create, manage and validate their claims with a couple of simple steps, and / or use one of the bulk actions to processes more than one claim at the same time without risking their quality thanks to its validation engine and workflow.

Denial Management

Having Manual denial management is an inefficient and a time-consuming process and will cause delays in your revenue. Clemittance will automatically download your remittances and map them back to the claims on an activity level, saving you the time and effort needed to do it manually.

Built-In Contract Management

Clemittance comes bundled with powerful contract management module where you can easily load and manage multiple versions of your masters , price-list and contractual details all in a centralized and user friendly user interface.

Tiered Packages

We have carefully structured our packages to fit your operational size and demand, whether you run a small clinic or a multi-facility group we have a package that suits your need. contact us now and ask us about our tiered packages.