Clinical Management System


Clinical Information System

Easy and integrated Clinical Management System

Cura was designed by healthcare experts to support the operations of clinics and medical centers, it has the key features you want and is easy to use. Write a note, prescribe a medication, view electronic medical records and create bills in just minutes.

Features & Benefits

Cura is a simple and easy to use End to End Clinical Information System, designed to support entire workflow including managing patients appointments and medical records, uploading documents and sending secure messages

Scheduling and Appointments

With its built in calendar, users can easily book patient appointments and push notifications to them via SMS, as well as manage resource timings and schedules

Electronic Patient File

Cura patient workflow makes managing a file efficient with peripherals support such as electronic ID readers and Signature pads, it ensures that you are building a detailed file in a simple friendly and user interface

Clinical Documentation

Using the clinical documentation module in Cura , medical professionals can track patient’s history , proceed with consultation, note the diagnosis, and generate lab and radiology orders.
To administer the correct treatment, and prescribe medication all without impacting the workflow of the healthcare provider.

Billing and Cash Management

Users can keep track of due and collected cash payments for both self-paying patients and for the co-payment collection for insured patient before transferring it to an insurance claim, it supports deposits and refunds and is linked with the patient file to simplify the management and process as well as generating visit invoices and receipts.

The System is bundled with an E-Authorization Module that is fully compatible with the post office approvals and authorizations system, as well as the support for eligibility checks to validate whether the patient is an eligible member with the payer.