Revenue Cycle BI

Cloud Based RCM Reports and Interactive Dashboards

To effectively manage your revenue, you need to add  business analytics to your daily revenue cycle management workflow. Our platform aligns with your billing operations and will help you move forward with confidence knowing that your time and resources are being fully optimized.

Features & Benefits

Manteq’s Business Intelligence system can enhance the claiming process for the healthcare provider and improve the revenue cycle by providing in depth analysis of the entire cycle and by visualizing revenue, rejections, and gaps in the operation.

Rejection Tracking

Tracking similar denials trends is crucial to the denial management process, it can help you understand the root cause and help you prevent future denials as well as make important business decisions.

Revenue Distribution

Specialty wise revenue distrbution can help medical providers have a better understanding of the financial performance of each department, as well as how to better allocate resources.

Aging and Overdue Tracking

Each payer in the medical practice deals with claims and remittances on their own schedule and contractual terms. A system that visualizes the daily aging of your receivables can allow you to act with each payer at the right time.

Payments and Remittance Analysis

Our Platform is backed by the Clemittance Cloud RCM transaction manger , which will extract remittances and map it automatically to your claims.
This gives you easy access to your payment data and can help you Track trends, uncover opportunities and address inefficiencies with ease.

Analytical Reports

One of the main objectives of a data analysis tool is to include flexible reports that deliver easily accessed insights which can be reviewed and acted upon. Our platform is bundled with such capabilities, where users can easily extract reports aimed to the right audience, targeted with the correct information to support their decision making .