Rhapsody is Orion’s foundation product, the enabler that brings systems together, and is a proven, high-performance engine for robust, reliable exchange and acquisition of health data.

 Benefits of Rhapsody:

  • Built for healthcare:

Rhapsody is a healthcare-focused integration engine utilized by public and private hospitals, health systems, Health Information Exchanges, vendors, public health departments and government organizations.

  • FHIR capabilities:

FHIR is the latest standard in the evolution in healthcare integration, with a key focus on simplicity, extensibility, and interoperability.

  • Engineered for high performance:

Designed for speed, Rhapsody is a scalable integration engine with the ability to process over 3,500 straight through messages per second on a standard Intel® server.

  • Reliable and robust engine:

Rhapsody is a multi-platform integration engine. It can be configured for maximum availability and delivers a reliable and robust engine.

  • Effortlessly maintain engine health:

Smart alerts and notifications give users advanced warning of potential issues, ensuring the engine remains healthy.

  • Create connected solutions:

Rhapsody supports a large number of protocols, and it connects to almost any type of system or device.

  • Support data acquisition:

It is very effective at acquiring large amounts of data from multiple sources including databases and directories and interacting with big data platforms.

  • View all environments:

Rhapsody Dashboard provides an at-a-glance view of all your Rhapsody environments. With colorful dials that provide status indicators for each engine, it is easy for users to focus their attention.

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