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Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is a software distribution model in which Manteq hosts applications and make them available to customers over a network, typically the Internet. Customers pay a monthly subscription fee to access the software and will be provided with the hardware, implementation and support services by Manteq with no additional fees.

Benefits of SaaS Model:

  • No software or hardware to purchase, install or maintain which means less headache or over-burden on IT departments.
  • No capital outlay. Subscription fees eliminate the need to purchase the software licenses outright, so it is easier to budget for a SaaS solution and pass the monthly costs through an operating budget.
  • Rapid deployment. Since there is no hardware to order or software to install, our clients can start using the system almost immediately.
  • Seamless integration. Manteq offers a quick and easy implementation, so customers can easily import their data in a secure manner.
  • Easy availability. All that is required is an Internet connection.
  • Painless upgrades. Users always have access to the latest version of the application because updates, upgrades, and enhancements are automatically made available by Manteq team.
  • No software support fees. Support is included with the subscription fee.
  • Inclusive backup and support services. Manteq’s Clients spend less time managing their application and more time on their core business.

Manteq follows a phased implementation approach. We divide the project delivery into phases and subdivide them into multiple milestones. This division keeps the project on a defined timeline and helps both the client and Manteq’s internal teams to maintain a track of the project progress.

Implementation Phases:

Pre-Deployment Phase:

During this period, multiple site visits might be required to make sure that the client environment is ready. We consider the complete IT setup and a gap analysis is done to see if changes are required.

Deployment Phase:

During this period, the back-end is prepared, and the service catalog is built utilizing the information gathered during the previous phase, as well as the configuration of the application roll-out method and the client workstations.

Delivery and Pilot Testing Phase:

During this stage, a site visit is required to complete the delivery and ensure that the software protection method is functional, after that the application is rolled out to all piloting workstation and tested.

Training Phase:

During this phase, we make sure that the users and the IT team are fully trained and have the complete knowledge and awareness of the solutions being implemented each based on his/her role.

Pre-Production Phase:

A few nominated resources are appointed to test the solution in a real environment to simulate the entry of actual data measuring the user qualification in using the solution and validating the performance of the solution in the client’s real environment.

Production Phase:

Once the users have completely tested the application, we delete all experimental data and clear the databases for the actual production run. During this period the users will start processing the real data in order and finalize it in preparation for the submission, our team will monitor the first submission after arranging with the client to make sure that everything is running smoothly.

Manteq’s experienced support team is locally based, to assure our clients the best services, availability, and readiness to resolve their technical issues. We make sure to achieve the Service Level Agreement as planned and agreed with our clients, helping them running their business and minimizing the downtime in the most smooth and satisfying possible way.

We provide our customers with different types of technical support such as remote assistance services and onsite support based on the severity level of their technical issues.

Manteq has a standard support model. There is a dedicated account manager for every client who requires support. Our customers are encouraged to contact their assigned account manager for support when needed.

Providers across the healthcare industry recognize their need to deliver greater value—higher quality of care at a lower cost. Manteq works with healthcare providers to provide better value for patients, fuel innovation and reduce the cost and complexity of operating systems.

We analyze their current revenue cycle operations and focus on ways to improve revenue capture and collection. Revenue problems rarely stem from a single source; they are most often the result of deficiencies in education, training, staffing levels, workflow, or poorly implemented computer software. Each deficiency must be addressed as part of a coordinated solution to obtain real improvement.

Our Consultants have the deepest experience in this field, and they help healthcare facilities to identify business gaps and point out new opportunities, to achieve better value and improve the quality of care delivered.

In today’s data-heavy environment, hospitals must ensure seamless data transfer capabilities across the healthcare enterprise. From server-to-server transfer to movement between storage facilities or sharing between physicians, data movement must be smooth and instant.

We offer the benefit of our experience, providing advice to make the transition as smooth as possible. We work with our clients to optimize an action plan for their enterprise, tailoring our tools and processes to meet their requirements.

Our migration process provides an opportunity to “clean house,” incorporating data validation, categorization, and enhancement to render the most accurate information possible.