Manteq Participation in Events

Middle East Healthcare Informatics Summit 2016 went a step further into customer and physician expectation of the usability of systems. This year’s summit focused on health information exchange and what the region is doing to leverage investments in health information technology for patients. The Summit took place on 4 to 6 October in Raffles, Dubai.

Manteq was an Associate Partner for 2016, and we had meetings in our stand on 5th and 6th of October. Also, we spoke about Business Intelligence for Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management on 6th October at 11:00 AM covering the following:

  • Analyze the Past to Extrapolate the Future.
  • Streamline the Revenue Cycle Tracking Process.
  • Support Medical Decisions.
  • Support Financial Decisions.
  • BI for Efficient Revenue Results.

The MENA Health Insurance Congress 2015 is a strategic platform for stakeholders to discuss regulation, policy pricing, medical inflation, pharmaceutical cost, claims management, fraud and more.

This Congress is unique in its aim which is holistic and not just limited to health insurers, but also to Government, Hospitals, and Pharma Companies.