Why Cura ?

Cura is a End to End Clinical Management Solution, it is designed to enhance care quality and improve practice and is developed for organizations that schedule / plan / book resources (Staff Members or Others) and features configurable scheduling and time sheets, as well as patient registration and a complete clinical care data information; with notification support through Email and SMS and statistical and analytical medical and revenue reports.

Cura organizes, stores and validates all the medical information. Patient’s health history, prescriptions, doctor’s notes and diagnoses. And is fully integrated with Clemittance RCM and Billing to complete the revenue cycle and supporting claim.

Clinical Management System


Using the Front Desk and Registration Module users can easily and quickly register patient information by simply filling up the mandatory details and registering it to the system. It supports the utilization of peripherals to simplify the process such as the full support of the Emirates ID Reader which can capture all the patients details and auto populate the required fields, additionally the system is compatible with the electronic signature pads to push towards a paperless process.

The module is also integrated with the Clemittance Authorization Module, this enables the user to run an eligibility checks from within the same window and validate whether the patient is an eligible member with the payer.

Additionally, the system supports an easy to use appointment scheduling window where the users can easily check physician’s and resources availability, book appointments, and confirm the appointments by pushing SMS notifications to the patient and checking in the patient upon arrival.

After Creating a visit for a patient using the patient registration module, Doctors and nurses can retrieves the patient’s details from the system, proceed with consultation, note the diagnosis, administer treatment, and prescribe medication without impacting the workflow of the healthcare provider.

Key features:

  • Document Chef Complaint and the patient’s Present Illness
  • Track and document vital signs
  • Review of systems and physical examination documentation
  • Procedures and Clinical Drug documentation and automatically coding them
  • Management plan and Notes
  • Medical Prescriptions
  • Support for General Practice and Speciality Modules (Ophthalmology, Dental, Home Care….)
  • Medical Charts and Annotations
  • Lab Requests and Radiology
  • Medical Reports and Print Outs

Cura’s Billing and Cash Management Module helps keep track of due and collected cash payments for both self-paying patients and for the co-payment collection for insured patient before transferring it to an insurance claim, it supports deposits and refunds and is linked with the patient record to simplify the management and process as well as generating visit invoices and receipts.

Key Features:

  • Deposits and Refunds
  • Cash Billing
  • Co Payment Collection
  • VAT Compliance printouts
  • Payment transaction
  • Revenue Reports
  • Cost estimation invoices
  • Collection validation and guidelines